Celebrating the Year of the Ox 2021 
 Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Washington, DC 
“In bidding farewell to the Year of the Rat and ushering in the Year of the Ox, we wish that the new year will be restorative and provide some return to normalcy. May the Year of the Ox bring health, prosperity and happiness to you and your family.”
Eddie Mak, Hong Kong Commissioner to the United States

Exploring the Chinese New Year

Explore the traditions, language and symbolism of celebrating the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Ushering in the Chinese New Year

Hong Kong Ushering in the
Chinese New Year

Happy Year of the Ox!

Happy Year of the Ox!

Festive Food for a Lucky Year

Festive Food for a Lucky Year

Enriching Mind, Body and Soul in Hong Kong

Hong Kong recently took part in the inaugural WRLDCTY Festival, the world’s largest virtual cities festival celebrating urban culture. Immerse yourself in these videos featuring some of the most enriching experiences Hong Kong has to offer.


Experience Hong Kong’s Bountiful Nature with Classical Music


Be Mesmerized by the
Power of Dim Sum


Tiptoe into Choreography with
The Hong Kong Ballet


Wander Through West Kowloon's
Art and Culture


A Taste of Hong Kong
to Take Home


A Restorative Journey Through
Hong Kong’s Great Outdoors

Celebrating Culture through the Performing Arts

Join us as we race across Hong Kong’s vibrant and diverse arts and culture landscape. "Hong Kong – Asia’s Cultural Metropolis" illustrates the city’s emerging world-class arts and cultural infrastructure.

To mark the festive occasion, we have curated three performances. The Refiner Drums is a composition based on the travails of the Refiner Drums ensemble. The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra features 80 New Year lanterns illuminating 80 musicians with a score inspired by the phonemics of the Cantonese dialect in New Year greetings. The Hong Kong Dance Company welcomes a lively “polar bear” to join the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac to usher in the New Year.


The Refiner Drums


Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra


Hong Kong Dance Company

Lantern Festival - A Chinese New Year Tradition


The origins of the Spring Lantern Festival are believed to date back to the Han Dynasty. The festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, as the first full moon appears. It is a season adorned with colorful illuminated lanterns when we affirm bonds with family and friends, and enjoy meals homonymous with messages of goodwill and symbols of prosperity.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the sounds, colors and traditions of the season in a special on-line event, "Celebrate the Magic of Chinese New Year’s Lantern Festival" co-presented by the Chinese American Museum DC (CAMDC).