Accessibility on HKETO

After a recent accessibility improvement plan, HKETO is designed to provide a faster and simpler browsing experience.

  • To maximize the accessibility of HKETO, we strive to keep our website free of errors by validating the Markup language.
  • To speed up the page loading time, we replaced a significant amount of images with texts.
  • To simplify the process of changing font size, we included a selection of font sizes on the top of every webpage.

HKETO Accessibility for the Visually Impaired

Even though the Internet is often considered as a visual medium, the visually impaired can access it with screen readers. People with low vision can also access webpages with screen magnifying software.
Access HKETO via Assistive Tools for the Visually Impaired

How You Can Customize Your Browser Settings

You can also consider adjusting your browser settings for the best view of HKETO. The following are links to tips for adjusting the setting on some popular web browsers, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome, by

  • Changing the default font size of webpages
  • Suppressing the animations or videos on webpages
  • Suppressing the pictures on webpages

More practical tips for Internet Explorer configuration
More practical tips for Firefox configuration
More practical tips for Chrome configuration

Where to Download Necessary Software for Reading HKETO Content

HKETO includes documents and files in a number of formats such as PDF, Word, and others. You may need to download and install specific software to read some of these files.

Adobe Reader
Adobe Flash Player
Microsoft Windows Media Player
Microsoft Office Documents Viewers (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)