A premier tourist destination, Hong Kong is a unique blend of East and West, featuring Chinese traditions, European heritage, hi-tech modernity and Cantonese gusto. The city offers a diverse and exciting travel experience to visitors from all over the world - great shopping; dining; theme parks; countryside; arts, cultural and sports events, as well as heritage attractions such as temples, walled villages, clan halls and western architecture.

Whether you come for sight-seeing or business, there is surely something worth seeing and exploring in Hong Kong - Asia's world city.

See & Do

Build a modern city on an ancient civilisation, put it at an intersection of cultures, and you get a place that is truly worth exploring. Dive into a festival, hike a mountain trail, catch a show, visit a temple, explore a walled village… check out our guide here.

Dine & Drink

In a city of sizzling woks, tinkling wine glasses, cosy eateries, pungent cooking aromas, celebrated culinary festivals and trend-setting chefs, everywhere you turn there is the temptation to dig in and indulge. Resistance is futile.


The devotion Hong Kong applies to shopping is a sight in its own right. The city’s heritage as an international centre of trade has led to an incredible variety of goods, while the local passion for buying and selling infects almost every corner of the city – and all those who enter it. Check out our guide here.

Plan Your Trip

While Hong Kong is an easy city to visit, let us make it even more of a cinch with this useful collection of practical info about getting to and around town, including maps, apps and guides, as well as the scoop on immigration, transport, opening hours and more.

Check out Tourism Board’s guide here.
Check out Government’s information here.

Arrival by Cruise

Arriving in Hong Kong, Asia’s cruise hub, is a remarkable experience. The magnificent Victoria Harbour, stunning skyline, cosmopolitan East meets West fusion and sophisticated terminal facilities make Hong Kong an exceptional cruise adventure. And by adding a Hong Kong pre or post cruise package, you can turn your Asian cruise into the trip of a lifetime.

Beyond Hong Kong

Location, location, location – Hong Kong has it good! Within easy reach of Asia’s world city are some of China’s most fascinating destinations; where an ethnically diverse, historically rich and naturally beautiful part of the world awaits.

Check out Tourism Board’s guide here.