COVID-19 Information for Travelers to Hong Kong from the US

Update on April 22, 2022: The HKSAR Government announced that with effect from May 1, non-Hong Kong residents will be allowed to enter Hong Kong, subject to the same boarding, quarantine and testing requirements (see below) for Hong Kong residents entering from overseas. The route-specific flight suspension mechanism and testing arrangement on arrival at the Hong Kong airport will also be adjusted.

Boarding requirements

Quarantine and testing requirements

  • Upon arrival at the Hong Kong airport, you will be tested for Covid-19. If your test comes back negative, you will be issued with a 14-day compulsory quarantine order and can proceed to your DQH via dedicated transport.

  • During the quarantine period, you will be subject to a testing regime that will determine whether you can opt to leave the DQH on day 7.

Note 1 – on traveler’s vaccination status:

  • Who is considered fully vaccinated?
    - You have received a 2-dose series of Pfizer-BioNtech or Moderna, or 1-dose series of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen, or other recognized vaccine at least 14 days prior to arriving into Hong Kong.
    - See here for the requirements if you are recovered from previous COVID-19 infection, or aged 12-17, or other exceptional cases that may be allowed to board.
  • You will need to present a recognized vaccination record. See here.
  • Accompanied unvaccinated children, aged below 12, are permitted to enter Hong Kong if the accompanying adult complies with boarding requirements.

Note 2 – on recognized pre-departure PCR test:

  • Prior to your flight to Hong Kong, you will need to present documentary proof to show that the US laboratory or healthcare institution conducting the Covid-19 test is government-recognized or approved, or ISO15189 accredited. Recognized laboratories in the US may be located via the database website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or here. The print out of the relevant record, a copy of the “Certificate of Accreditation”, or a “Certificate of Compliance”, can serve as documentary proof.
  • The pre-departure testing requirement applies to all infants and children.

Note 3 – on the 48-hour time window for a pre-departure PCR test:

  • If your journey comprises of multiple flights, you should note that the 48-hour window counts from the scheduled departure time of the aircraft that will be landing in Hong Kong. For example, for a journey comprising a flight from New York to San Francisco, and a flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong, count the schedule departure time from San Francisco. See FAQ here.
  • Also, it is the time of sample collection/test taken that counts - not the time when the testing report is generated or printed. See FAQ here.

Note 4 – on designated quarantine hotels (DQH):

Note 5 – on testing requirements:

  • During the first 7-day quarantine period, you will have to undergo:
    - rapid antigen tests (rapid tests) every day
    - PCR test on day 5
  • You may leave quarantine on day 7 if all of the following tests are negative:
    - PCR test on day 5
    - Rapid tests on day 6 and day 7
  • If you leave quarantine on day 7, you need to self-monitor for a further seven (7) days and take a PCR test on day 12 at a community testing center.

For more information, see the dedicated website here.