Doing Business in Hong Kong

Business, Trade and Investment

Thanks to its international advantages, talented workforce, world-class infrastructure and excellent business tradition, Hong Kong is one of the best business cities in the world. The city is a leading international financial center and has for decades been ranked as the world’s freest and most competitive economy.

The Hong Kong government and relevant trade and business organizations work in tandem to improve the effectiveness of the city’s business environment so that companies can adapt and stay ahead of the competition.

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US Trade and Hong Kong: Keeping Up with Developments

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council has launched a dedicated US trade resource to help you keep up-to-date on the latest developments and offer support for companies doing business with or through Hong Kong.
Please check in often for the latest updates and regulatory alerts.

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Doing Business in Hong Kong

Find out more about business environment in Hong Kong here. Information about employment, pensions, market and law of Hong Kong can also be found here.

Setting up a Business in Hong Kong

Setting up a business in Hong Kong is fast and easy. Our dedicated government department, Invest Hong Kong, offers free advice and services to support companies from the planning stage right through to the launch and expansion of their business.

The Invest Hong Kong website offers a range of pertinent information from business registration to opening a bank account. Invest Hong Kong will guide you through the set-up process from start to finish.

Government Policies on Business and Trade

Commerce and Economic Development Bureau

The Commerce and Economic Development Bureau comprises the and the Communications and Creative Industries Branch. The Commerce, Industry and Tourism Branch is responsible for policy matters on Hong Kong’s external commercial relations, inward investment promotion, intellectual property protection, industry and business support, tourism, consumer protection and competition.

The Communications and Creative Industries Branch is responsible for policy matters on broadcasting, film-related issues, overall view of creative (including film) industries, development of telecommunications, and control of obscene and indecent articles. Click here for more.

Trade and Industry Bureau

The Trade and Industry Department is responsible for Hong Kong’s relations with its trading partners and works to promote bilateral and regional economic and trade cooperation to maintain a fair and stable trade regime. It promotes trade and investment liberalization and facilitation and assists Hong Kong’s enterprises in exploring foreign markets and enhancing their competitiveness. Click here for more.

Industries of Hong Kong

Four Pillars Industries

Hong Kong has undergone a remarkable transformation over the decades with the rapid expansion of its services sector. Financial services, trading and logistics, tourism, and professional services are the traditional four pillar industries in Hong Kong. They have been the driving force of Hong Kong’s economic growth, providing impetus to growth of other sectors and creating employment.

Financial Services

Financial services cover a wide range of services including banking, insurance, stock brokerage, asset management, and other financial services. Click here for more.


Tourism covers retail trade, accommodation services, food and beverage services, transport and personal services.
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Transport and Logistics

Logistics refers to the process of planning, implementing and controlling the movement and storage of goods, services and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption. The activities include freight transport, freight forwarding, storage, postal and courier services. Trading firms are closely associated with logistics activities. Click here for more.

Professional Services

Professional services cover legal, accounting, auditing, architecture and engineering activities, technical testing and analysis, scientific research and development, management and management consultancy activities, information technology related services, advertising, specialized design
and related services. Click here for more.

New Growth Industries

New growth industries include cultural and creative industries, medical services, education services, innovation and technology, testing and certification services, and environmental industries. They are identified by the Hong Kong government as the industries where Hong Kong enjoys advantages for further development.

Cultural and Creative Industries

Cultural and creative industries comprise different component domains, which mainly include advertising; architecture; art, antiques and crafts; design; film, video and music; performing arts; publishing; software, computer games and interactive media; and television and radio. Click here for more.

Medical Services

Medical services cover medical services provided by private hospitals, clinics, medical and dental practitioners, nursing and residential care for the elderly and persons with substance abuse and disabilities as well as medical-related activities including retail sales of medical products and medical insurance. Click here for more.

Education Services

Education services cover kindergartens, private primary and secondary schools, tutorial schools, self-financed post-secondary and other university courses, and other education-related services. Click here for more.

Innovation andTechnology

Innovation and technology cover research and development (R&D) activities as well as activities relating to the commercialization of R&D outputs. They drive the development and introduction of technologically new or significantly improved products or processes in relevant organizations for commercial purposes. Click here for more.

Testing and Certification Services

Environmental industries in Hong Kong mainly include sewerage and waste management, environmental engineering and consultancy services as well as import/export and wholesale trading of waste and scrap. Click here for more.

Environmental Industries

Testing and certification services cover business establishments engaged in technical testing and analyses; cargo inspection, sampling and weighting; and medical and X-ray laboratories as their major economic activities. Click here for more.

Key Topics

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